Grateful you have "money" to repay

Life, you need to be grateful to meet and meet, although you can not face to face with TOPBTC has been grateful for your company, understanding and support. TOPBTC will do better with your presence. During this event, a certain number of transactions will be bounced back to QQC. The details are as follows:

1. Daily total amount of 0.02 BTC transactions, send 1QQC
2. Daily total turnover of 0.05 BTC, send 2QQC
3. Daily total turnover of 0.1 BTC, send 5QQC
4. Daily total turnover of 0.2 BTC, send 10QQC
5. Daily total turnover of 0.25 BTC, send 12QQC
6. Daily total turnover of 0.3 BTC, send 15QQC
7. The daily total turnover of 0.4 BTC, send 20QQC
8 daily total turnover of a BTC, send 50QQC

Event Description:
1. The cumulative turnover refers to two-way accumulation, that is, buy and sell
2.QQC will be returned to your account within two days after the event ends
3. You can participate in all trading pairs at TOPBTC with rewarded QQC
4. Activity Time: 00:00 on November 16 - December 6 at 24:00
5. The final interpretation of all TOPBTC